Events in life can get the best of you.

Learn how to make the best of them.

Life will seem that much easier.


I love her more so I shouldn’t care. but that shit still fuckin hurts. Doesn’t matter who I’m with, how much time goes by, but being played, no matter when you find out, it gauges a hole into your chest that fuckin hurts. And all you can do about it is point fingers and say names. The deeper meaning will lay inside of you into you die with it. That’s not fair, it’s not human you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. Not by choice either. But because you’re too hurt and too fucked up by everything, as soon as you open your mouth to talk about it, or you hear a question, or you’re reminded by it.. All your feelings and emotions just whirl wind threw you. You don’t know which one to talk about, which one is okay to talk about. You’re gonna scare people away if you let them into your cluster fucked mind. When all you really have to say is she ruined you. No matter how much you do to get past her, she’s haunting you from right around the corners.


Good vibes. I made these. Please give credit if you use. I’m very proud of these!